We've got the answers.

How long will I hear back from you after applying to work together?

We have an extensive waitlist, you will hear from us if your application is successful.

What social platforms do you work with influencers on?

We take an omni-channel approach and work across Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Twitch. We are constantly testing new channels and platforms but will only introduce one once we've tested the outcome on our own brands.

How much does your service cost?

Unlike other agencies, we charge a flat rate so you're only charged for per send out (many charge for outreach).

So we might reach out to 1000 influencers but only choose to work with 100 due to brand <> influencer fit and you will only be charged for the 100.

Also the fact we don't charge on % of influencer budget means we're incentivised to get you the best possible price or to organise product for post collaborations wherever possible - saving $$.

Our packages start at $2,500/month.

Do we need influencer budget additional to the campaign?

This is not always a requirement but many of our top performing influencers are paid collaborations. We will always organise gifted / contra collaborations where possible but it will limit your results if you don't have any influencer budget as most highly engaged influencers (even if nano or micro) won't work for contra. In some cases for example high ticket products / bundles retailing at $200+ gifting-only can still be an option. We'll help you understand what will work for your brand best.

Do we receive ads usage rights on the content created?

In the majority of cases all IGC (Influencer Generated Content) created will have full digital ad usage rights for you to repurpose for your brand across ads, your website, email and socials. We will notify you in certain cases if this is not the case and you can choose whether to proceed with the collaboration or not. At a minimum you will be able to repost the content to your owned social channels (while crediting the influencer).

Do we choose the influencers for the campaign?

You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. We will curate an outreach list of influencers we suggest for your campaign and you may go in and approve/deny however our campaigns that perform the best are generally when our clients trust our judgement.

We suggest being open minded with our influencer suggestions as we use our internal influencer database of past results and 2500+ top performers from previous collaborations to choose the influencer most likely to create the most impact for you brand.

What kind of ROI can I expect from my campaign?

If we said something vague here or made any strong promises, we'd be lying (and please do not trust anyone who does this without first understanding your brand, unit economics and target CPAs).

ROI or ROIS (return on influencer spend) varies significantly from client to client and is subject to their goals and cost per acquisition targets.

ROI is of course also dependent upon a number of factors —

Influencer marketing is one touch point in a far longer customer journey so it will depend on a number of factors including your organic social (we can help optimise and manage this), your website conversion rate and other advertising.

On average it takes 8 touch-points to convert a sale, so we need to understand your entire customer journey before being able to optimise your influencer ROI.

We come from a strong eCommerce background so can advise on improving this too.

Let's just say it like this, we have very smart, very longterm clients so if they continue to trust us with their brand and results, we hope you can too.

How long is the campaign process?

Once the campaign proposal has been approved we begin the campaign admin and start reaching out to influencers, this can take up to a week. 

Once we have reached out we have around a 2-3 week lead time to see the content/deliverables go live.