How Much Should You Be Paying Influencers?

November 15, 2021

It's a question we're asked a lot - how much do Influencers cost

A lot will depend on the context of the campaign and your relationship with the influencer.

These rates, and what an influencer is willing to do, will depend on a whole variety of factors including but not limited to:

  • How engaged the influencer's following is (these rates are determined based on followers not engagement)
  • Your relationship with the influencer
  • How much the influencer loves and identifies with your brand
  • Exactly what's required of the influencer

Take these ball-park rates as a topline estimate of what an influencer is likely to charge based on a single post, where you give direction on the copy and the information they need to include.

Keep in mind these costs are indicative, and could vary greatly based on the factors mentioned above:


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